Automated Forex Trading is a Myth...

But does this mean you can’t profit?

You can, says NeuronTrade, an innovative heuristic trading system powered by neuron networks. As long as you are ready to invest your time, skills and thoughts too. And NeuronTrade gives you a leverage to apply your efforts in the most efficient and profitable way.

The truth is: you can yield on Forex

Many Forex traders play the game of luck trying to guess where the trend will go next, or rely on their intuition often based on very sketchy knowing of how the exchange market works. However, the most successful dealers don’t work on Forex like that. They analyze reliable market signals, investigate news and keep an eye on other major players. And now you can start trading like them too!

No automation. Just reliable signals

NeuronTrade is not an automated Forex robot. Neither can it do the brain-work for you. But it can produce those reliable signals that will form a skeleton of your strategy. Based on neuron networks, the service uses past trading data to educate itself and eventually produces more and more precise signals. For more and more profitable deals!

How does neuron trading works exactly?

Neuron networks are self-educated systems. The adaptive nature of neuron networks allows NeuronTrade to learn from its past experience. Typical trading robots require formal data to operate, and therefore are inflexible and quickly become outdated. As soon as the pattern breaks – they start producing huge losses.

On the other hand, NeuronTrade gives reliable forecasts on the ever-changing and seemingly unpredictable Forex market thanks to continuous learning. Even wrong decisions a network makes eventually turn to profits!

Currency couples EURUSD and GBPUSD
Average monthly profit from 300 to 700 pips
Time of signals daily from 07:00 to 08:00 GMT
Signals type only pending orders (STOP and LIMIT)
Subscription from $38/month ($449/year)
Take Profit from 40 to 120 pips
Stop Loss from 30 to 50 pips

What signals does NeuronTrade produce?

NeuronTrade produces pending orders every day. All opened deals stay until Take Profit or Stop Loss level is reached or until the next day signals. Signals are mutually exclusive, which means whenever a new signal is published, all others are cancelled. At any given day you will receive up to 4 pending order signals (2 EURUSD and 2 GBPUSD) to the e-mail you registered your NeuronTrade account with. All signals are twice-controlled by human traders manually, so you always get proven data verified by experienced professionals.

Real signal example:

GBPUSD SELL STOP at 1.6095 TakeProfit: 1.6035 StopLoss at 1.6135

How much I can make with NeuronTrade?

We don’t know, really. Anything. Or nothing. Again, NeuronTrade doesn’t trade for you. It merely provides signals, but does this great! By using NeuronTrade signals we were able to made 640 pips profit in October 2018 solely, and 6120 of pips in 2018 and 25630 pips from 2014!. And we are pretty sure, this isn’t an upper limit. Our team of professional traders and programmers made an excellent instrument. Now you can make money with it.

Year 2018 performance

Why do you sell it then? Why won’t you just make profits?

We do make profits! We use NeuronTrade to multiply funds investors entrust to our management. And now we go public to attract even more investors. We will use the success of NeuronTrade as a pledge of future profits. So your earnings are our success too!

Ok, let me try it!

Great! Simply sign up and choose a subscription plan to start receiving quality and reliable Forex signals. Note, if you sign in until 23rd of September 2020, you’ll get up to 6 months free access!

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Year 2018 results: +6120 pips

25630 pips total from 2014!

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